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He's here! [May. 23rd, 2011|08:27 am]
He's here! Arion Michelangelo Valencia 7lbs 7oz 21 inches.

We decided on Ah-Ryan as the easiest way of saying it. Raa prefers to pronounce it in a Spanish way. Ah-ree-own. We'll go with the easier for main use. Water broke at 6:20am. Easy labor till 3pm. 5:30pm home birth. I feel great, though the last 2.5 hours were NOT FUN ;-)
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36 weeks [May. 5th, 2011|04:45 pm]
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35, now 36 weeks :-) [May. 5th, 2011|04:40 pm]
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Blows my mind [Dec. 30th, 2009|11:32 pm]

This video blew my mind. It's composed of all the music we listen to at work on the radio. I used to hate most of it, but it grew on me. It sounds best here ;-)
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Evren's first DIY haircut [Jun. 25th, 2009|08:04 am]
This happened while I was at work.  I didn't even notice when I came home, though of course it was shocking when pointed out.  My second reaction though was "Eh, most kids do this at some point"  It's not like he has long beautiful hair that we're trying to preserve or anything like that.  I was thinking that he needed a haircut, but hadn't gotten around to it.  Facebook album
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Uncooperative pillow [Feb. 12th, 2009|09:58 pm]

Originally uploaded by mistressorange.

Sometimes it's hard to use daddy as a pillow. Though actually he was using him as an obstacle course. See iphone in Raa's hand and mousie near his arm.

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Percussionist [Feb. 12th, 2009|09:57 pm]

Originally uploaded by mistressorange.

Evren finds percussion instruments everywhere

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Street musician [Feb. 12th, 2009|09:53 pm]

Originally uploaded by mistressorange.

Evren playing at the Farmer's market

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Nerd boy [Feb. 12th, 2009|09:49 pm]

Originally uploaded by mistressorange.

I love this photo of Evren wearing Grandma's glasses.

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Mousie [Feb. 12th, 2009|09:48 pm]

Originally uploaded by mistressorange.

Mousie by Ysolda. A great knit, though slightly fiddly in parts. Evren and Raa adore him. Raa says he needs whiskers though.

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